10 Best Gmail Tips & Tricks in 2021

Are you seeking for some helpful Gmail hints?

For a long time, Gmail has been the most popular email service. Many of its aspects, however, are unknown to millions of people.

You likely spend a considerable portion of your day dealing with emails, as do the majority of working people. You may be doing more essential things with your time than going through your inbox, writing an essential message, or organising your mail into parts, whether you’re going through your inbox, writing an essential message, or organising your mail into sections.

Here are some Gmail tips and tricks that will save you time and help you boost your email reputation.

Here are some Gmail tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your account.

Gmail Trick #1 Send & Receive Money

Gmail has Google Pay Send (previously it named as Google Wallet). To transfer money or request payment, click the dollar sign icon at the bottom of a compose  message.


You’ll need a Google Pay Send account with banking information for both you and the recipient, as well as the Google Pay Send setting for “Send money using Gmail.” Whether giving or receiving, the maximum is $9,999.

Gmail Trick #2: Use Canned Responses

Users can create their own email templates in their inbox using canned responses.

To use this feature, go to Settings > Advanced Settings  > Canned responses and then Click Enable.

Gmail Trick #3: Use Automatic Responder

Are you going on vacation and won’t be able to respond to emails?

There’s nothing to be concerned about.

Set up an automatic email response with a custom “out of office” message and pick the dates you’ll be out of the office.

Mark “only send a response to persons in my contacts” if you don’t want this email sent to strangers who might email you during this time.

Gmail Trick #4: Use keyboard shortcuts to make Gmail faster

Keyboard shortcuts are always a faster way to complete a task on a computer.

We offer a variety of keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, such as

R for reply,

ctrl+ k for inserting a link,

ctrl + enter for sending an email

ctrl + shift + c for cc recipients

ctrl + shift + b for bcc recipients

+ ; for next misspelled word

Ctrl + m for open spelling suggestions

Install the Chrome extension KeyRocket for Gmail add-on, which teaches you while you’re on the go, for more Gmail ninja shortcuts.

Gmail Trick #5: Use Gmail via yahoo or Outlook

Yes, this is a viable option. You can view your Gmail messages in Yahoo and Outlook if you don’t want to utilise the Gmail interface for whatever reason.

Click the Settings icon in Yahoo Mail. Then select More Settings, then Mailboxes. Select Mailbox and then Gmail.

If you’re using Outlook.com, you’ll want to click the Gear symbol. After that, select View All, then Mail, and finally Sync Email.

Gmail Trick #6: For a single email id, generate several email usernames

Yes, this Gmail method is quite handy for sorting out emails that originate from a specific sender with a certain email address.

If you didn’t know beforehand, Gmail ignores periods [.] and plus signs [+] in usernames. As a result, email usernames such as yourname.title@gmail.com, yourname+title@gmail.com, and your.name+title@gmail.com all refer to the same user id, yournametitle@gmail.com.

This method can be utilised on sites such as Twitter, which do not allow multiple sign-ups from the same email address.

Gmail Trick #7: Unsubscribe in bulk from mailing lists

Over time, your inbox fills up with emails from a website you signed up for three years ago.


Even if you don’t want to go back to, they haven’t ceased sending you promotional emails.


Our inbox, believe it or not, has become the finest spot for advertising, with several spammer ad networks gaining access to our email addresses out of nowhere and bombarding us with useless insurance and car rental adverts.

Lifehacker has a tip for bulk filtering out ad networks and keeping your inbox clean in this case.


Gmail Trick #8: How to Increase Gmail Undo Time

The ability to reverse your sent emails is now available in Gmail, which is a highly useful and frequently requested function.

This is advantageous since those blatant errors hide in plain sight until we hit the submit button, when they emerge out of nowhere.

By default, the undo send email feature offers you only 10 seconds to recall an email that has already been sent using Gmail.

To increase your Gmail undo time, log in to your account and click the gear symbol in the top right corner of your inbox From the drop-down menu, choose General, then “undo send.”. Choose between 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, or 30 seconds, depending on your needs. It’s finished.

Gmail Trick #9: Use Signature in Gmail

For marketing and branding purposes, signatures are especially significant.

Each email you send is an opportunity to promote yourself, so include a signature with your logo, website, social media links, thank you note, and so on.

To add a signature to your Gmail account, go to the settings tab, then to the Signature field, turn it on, and type your signature.

You’ll be able to generate a unique signature for each email address you use if you have many addresses set up using aliases.

Gmail Trick #10 Enable Personal level indicators

Personal level indicators can be used to determine if a message is sent to you or to a mailing Personal level indicators can be used to determine if a message is sent to you or to a mailing list. 

Go to Settings>General>Personal level indicators to enable this Gmail hidden feature. 

Check the box next to Show indicatior. When enabled, a single arrow (>) next to your message indicates that it will be delivered to you plus a group of other individuals. 

The presence of a double arrow (>>) indicates that the email was sent solely to you, whereas the absence of an arrow suggests that it was distributed to a mailing list.

Here are some of the tricks I use to keep Gmail clean and efficient.

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