Be the energy you want to attract !!

It's About Me !!

Hey I’m Vidhya Boopathi!!

I am a part time blogger and a full time working professional.

Digital Niyana is a blog for digitaller’s and a short term goal of a blogger (it’s me), from 2018 with an adoration for sharing my knowledge to you all and an motto to make online marketing and online business a high success. I appreciate advertising, SEO, SEM, Website designing and web execution.

Basically i started my career with  designing websites and this tends me to start digitalniyana.com .

My Favourite quote where i will start my day daily with

Be the Energy you want to attract !!

The quote might be simple but, the meaning behind it is very strong !

Vidhya Boopathi – 👩 @Digitalniyana

Do you like to know more about me ??

I have pursued my post-graduation and started my career as full time digital marketer and website designer . Describing myself more, i wanted to do something other than my career, so this tends me to start blogging. As everyone wants to follow their passion, right? Yes. I am already designed my career in passion. So, that’s the reason i choose digital marketing  niche for my blog too. I love to share the knowledge which i gained from outside world, so this makes me to start writing about other niche topics on business ideas, lifestyle, etc..

Well how I started digitalniyana and why ?

Based on my work experience and own experience I undergone, I love to share those ideas to everyone. So I have started this medium of digitalniyana , a blog for digitallers..

Have you at any point thought of whether you can bring in cash from online medium? In this way, the motivation behind beginning this site is extremely straightforward. I need to share each way or parts of online lucrative chances or self-start venture thoughts in a single spot.

So individuals can peruse and begin considering that right on time as could be expected under the circumstances. Making a passive income source is the most ideal approach to make sure about your retirement too. Consider this point astutely.

I offer a delicate  digital advertising services,  which ensure that my buddies can achieve success very soon, whatever their size, business model or industry.

If you have any clarifications ,doubts on Digital marketing, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Website designing, domain name creation, content writing etc.., don’t hesitate just mail me or  contact me @digitalniyana. I will offer you a better solution.

Do you want to start your own blog like me ( How To Start A Blog and earn money!! Approach me, I am glad to help you buddies.

If you want to connect me in social medium, follow me on any of these medium.

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