Best Blogging Tools Which I Use for my Own Blog !

I frequently get query from newbies regarding the  blogging tools and resources that I have utilized for blogging , so I chose to place my proposals across the board place for simple reference to all!

Hostinger : I am using hostinger’s web hosting to host all my blogs.

I’ve used hostinger for my other blogs too, over two years to now and had a great experience too.

Know More about Hostinger >>


They offer fast, reliable, affordable web hosting and are the perfect choice for new bloggers.

Click here to read my step-by-step beginner’s guide for setting up your blog with Hostinger.

Studio press Theme: Once you ready to start your blog, obviously you’ll need a WordPress theme.

There are huge free themes available on the internet, but I would recommend to use premium themes like Elegant Themes, Studio Press Theme, Thrive Themes, etc.

One of my favorite theme would be elegant themes of  Divi (I have used this theme for my other blog). This is just amazing theme with awesome functionality and support.

In this blog, I am using Contentberg WordPress theme with Elementor Page builder.

Click here to read this post if you want to read step by step procedure on how to install WordPress theme

Select the niche topic as you wish and about which you are very well versed.

For example,

Start a Mom Blog courses: Don’t be fooled by the name, Start a Mom Blog courses are great for ALL bloggers, not just moms.

🙂 There are courses which you can learn and start blogging about it , if you are not well versed in any of the niches.

I’ve taken quite a few of  courses about affiliate marketing and learned so much from it.

If you’re new to blogging, I recommend starting out with  courses like how to start a blog and  the blog plan.

Pinterest Strategies: This is one of my amazing strategies to earn traffic for my website.

Pinterest can be a fabulous way to generate traffic to your blog, but only if you know how to use it right.

Real Money on Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of my main sources of income, and I learned everything  from the amazing course.

If you  would have noticed many top bloggers may not use google ads for their monetization purpose, because they earn money from affiliate marketing.

If you want to know about earning from affiliate marketing – Just Click here

Ultimate Bundles: Ultimate Bundles is a company that creates “bundles” of digital products like online courses, ebooks, templates, and more.

These bundles are available for an extremely discounted price (think under $100 for $5,000 worth of products) for a limited time only.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is one of their most popular bundles that contains dozens of amazing resources for bloggers, but it’s only available once or twice a year.

Sign up to be notified when it goes on sale!

Grow Your Business Bundle 2020

Mailchimp: Mailchimp is my email marketing tool which I use.

Whenever I publish a new post, I will share it with my subscribers with Mailchimp. I have grown my email list to over 5,000 subscribers.

You can sign up for free plans here.

You can create Email, Ads, Landing Pages, Signup Forms ,etc.  from mailchimp dashboard.

SendOwl: Irrefutably the EASIEST method to sell your computerized (digital) items is with Send Owl. I began utilizing SendOwl to sell my first digital book and I have been utilizing it from that point onward! It’s truly the most effortless stage to utilize thus brisk to set up. Plans start at $9/month, yet I pay $15/month. You can get a free month preliminary here.

Click Here to Signup SendOwl !!

Tailwind: Finally, the last bit of programming I use for my blog is Tailwind. Tailwind is a Pinterest booking tool that permits you to mechanize your pinning and increase your traffic. I truly go through twenty minutes every month booking pins on Tailwind and afterward I don’t need to do whatever else – it’s totally automated one! Tailwind costs $15/month. You can get a free month preliminary here.

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