Best Business Ideas Under 1 lakh Rupees

best business idea under 1 lakh

As everyone thinks it’s better to become an entrepreneur than working with 9 to 5 jobs. If you really takes this decision, then my suggestion would be think of your financial background for daily needs like rent, insurance, food, etc..

If you can manage these financial needs for atleast 6 months, then your choice will get success for sure ūüíĮ

There exist numerous plans of action that can be started with low venture, for example a seed capital of Rs. 1 Lakh .

You may have a lot of thoughts in your mind, however there are times when those thoughts need legitimate bearing and you choose to switch plans. This is where most hopeful originators battle to discover a parity. Beginning a business needs most extreme assurance and certainty, however you must be clear about your business thought before you venture into the pioneering field.

The hopeful business person can begin the plan of action with least framework; the business can be begun even from home.

Best Business Ideas to Start Under 1 lakh

1. Bakery & Cafe

One can go for starting Coffee shop in your area or where it has real demand. This idea will be really successful if it hits.

You can think that, opening cafe needs machinery, stuffs at large cost. Here you have to choose a wise decision, where you should spend money on rent of the place and small utensils for shop & for grocery related stuffs.

You can buy eatable items (Bakery products) from certain person who supplies regularly.So your cost might reduce in buying machineries.

First and foremost is choosing the place.If you select your shop nearby some crowded area like school, college, offices then it will be successful.

bakery business

Second important thing might be your uniqueness.Yes! Now-a-days people get  impressed for the uniqueness or creativity. You should be conscious on  decorating the shop and serving the dish to your customer.Concentrate that you are unique  rather than other shops by behaviour, taste, etc..

Remember this point everywhere “Customer is the King

You should act wisely when you have less investment. 50% should be your investment and 50% should be your marketing strategy .

2. IceCream Shop

Who doesn’t love to eat ice cream?

It’s been loved by all age group of people. Certainly, this business to needs a proper place.It should be either a office area, public park, beach side, etc.

Cost of setting up ice cream shop is by two ways. If you choose to buy ice cream from major brands, then you should fulfill their rules and regulations of shop area, boards, lighting and so on..Better don’t choose this option.

Instead of this, you can buy an ice cream vending machines which are available at reasonable cost or you can choose 2nd hand machines. You have to fill the proper ratios of ice cream related ingredients and that’s it, Cool… its done.

Other than this,investment on

  1. Name board
  2. Menu card

is fine to  start this business.

3. Online Selling

In this era, everything becomes more advanced than what we think. Everyone knows about common brands like amazon, ebay, flipkart are selling n number of products.

Actually these brands doesn’t manufacture all the products which they are selling on their website. These people has lakhs and lakhs¬† of¬† sellers who actually manufacture or resell those products.

If you need to start a business that to by sitting on home then this might be your cup of tea. Only thing, what you have  to choose is the correct and exact product that you can manufacture or resell.

Then you should join as a seller in leading brands like amazon, ebay ,.. This requires some basic Tax and profile information.

For example, if you are a women then if you know about making artificial  jewelleries, then you can go for it.

The area of product choosing can be related to your hobby or easy available things in your area.

online selling

The most important thing where many people got stuck is choosing the product for selling. Be very careful on this part. Choosing multiple products also leads to down here, so be choosy on one thing, plan it and get hit.

Once you have planned for product, then next challenging role is to display that product in the site. You can think what is there in this? But people will get convince to buy your product only by it’s look and product information.

Make a proper set up and take photographs of the product & edit it according to the norms of your rules.Finally, list your product by your own brand name.

That’s all !

Do some keyword research activities and fill all your product information. Wait for a while, you will  get orders.

You should be very careful on pricing factors at initial stage, because you can have more competitor. Same way you should deliver the quality product then only customer rate of interest on you brand will be increasing day by day.


4. Pop-Corn Shop

The popcorn business is one of the apt business under 1 lakh investment. You know that popcorn is loved by all, so starting this business with correct marketing strategy gives less investment with high profit margins.

popcorn business

Only popcorn vending machines costs you around Rs.20,000 to Rs. 50,000 range. You can choose as a part-time type of business with only 2 to 3 hours daily.


5. Coaching Academy

This is the great opportunity if you are brilliant in any one of the field. It could be mentoring, tuition, cooking, dance, music, etc..

If you are master in any of the activities, then only investment is your brain and table, chairs. You can start it from home too by placing an name board.

There are so many people wandering to learn new things, even you are good at speaking english, hindi, or any regional language then you can take spoken & writing classes .

6. Event Organizer

With individuals having riotous timetables today, a Party and Event Planner is welcome making this an extremely worthwhile low-speculation Business Idea.Some ideas under event organizer are:

Unique Occasions like weddings and birthday party events

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Showroom opening and item dispatches
In these type of business your customer provides you an advance cash, so this will be more greatful for you.
And spending on furnitures, decors is just an one time investment. You should have a group of people to deal with these type of party,events. So better choose right team and go ahead.


Even more business ideas are there to start under 1 lakh, but it depends still  on certain category . Therefore if you need any other business idea under 1 lakh, let me know in comments. So that i can explain you detail about that business.

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