Cuelinks- An Affiliate Program For Indian Bloggers


Do you own a blog in India? Then this post is only for you!!

Now-a-days 10 in 8 people running their own blogs to earn money in online. In that not everyone is successful, but many people earn lump sum with monetization like AdSense and other monetization tool like, etc.

Even many bloggers started affiliate marketing as one more part of income as compared to AdSense & others. There is no harm to use AdSense and affiliate in a same blog/website. But, you have to work out more to earn commission in affiliate marketing, but the ROI will be huge in affiliate income.

If anyone doesn’t aware of affiliate marketing, in short read – What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other business products in a digital medium, and they give a commission for each sale or leads that converted by you. Only cause from your end is that, drives a traffic for your site. That’s it.

By providing the Text Links, Image Links, and Video Links in your blog/website, you can make it very easily.

Before that you should register with the Affiliate Publisher and they will give a unique link for your account.

Many leading e-commerce sites in India like AmazonFlipkartPaytmTataCliq …has enabled affiliate promotion.

The major risk you will face here is that, search for affiliate programs and register on each Programs. To solve this issue only CUELINKS comes into an action.

What is CueLinks?

Cuelinks is the content monetization method for bloggers under one roof. It is not only for content monetization for blogs, if you have a coupon or deals website you can use cuelinks features, so that you will get an daily updates of deals, coupons ..

If you still not Sign up- Click here to signup cuelinks and start earning.

It will be very hard to register on each website for affiliate promotion and moreover pasting the affiliate links from various sites to one post may take much time. So here comes the “knock your socks off”, – the CUELINKS

You don’t need to register under each website for affiliate link. Just use Cuelinks , it will convert your niche to an affiliate links.

Cuelinks contains 1000+ affiliate programs for you, so based on the niche it will auto select the links. 

Some of the active and most popular merchants are listed below:

  • Freecharge
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Tata Cliq
  • Paytm
  • Shopclues
  • Jabong
  • Chumbak
  • Airtel and more.

Main Factors To Know About CUELINKS

The least pay-out to withdraw earned commission is Rs.500.

The Revenue Distribution is around 75% to 25%.

If you need to work directly for some merchant, you can send an e-mail to cuelinks, stating the factor. So, they will remove particular merchant from your dashboard.

Cuelink referral program is available. So you can earn from referrals also.

Steps to register CUELINKS

Click here – CUELINK for official website signup

Click the button Sign up, shows that below

signup cuelinks

Enter the details and wait for 24hrs to get confirmation mail from them to activate your account.

Once the account is activated, just login to your account. You can see the installation code in dashboard part, copy the code and paste it on your blog/website. That’s it!!

Cuelink Dashboard Analysis

Campaign Explorer

In Campaign explorer you can search for the merchants to compare their commission rates.


Under Installation tab you can find Cuewords, click on that. You will find the options as below mentioned image:


You probably can decide that how many affiliate links should display in a post.  And predominantly you can choose the color of the links to display in your posts as relating to your theme.


Under Installation tab you can find Cuewidget, click on that. You will find the options as below mentioned image:

Click on Create a Widget.

cuelink widget

Here you can set the widget name, type of widget, number of product to display, size of it.

cuelink widget

After fill out the columns, Click on Generate. So, that preview of that widget can be visible on the right-hand side.

Resource Center – Link Kit

Link Kit is one of the best option under Cuelinks, where you can generate a particular product affiliate link of any merchant by pasting the specified URL in the tab.

linkkit cuelink

 For example,

If you need to generate a Flipkart merchant’s Redmi mobile Y2, you can go directly to the flipkart site of the product page and then copy the URL of Redmi Y2 and paste it in Link Kit and click on generate. This will gives you the unique affiliate link for the particular product Redmi Y2.

By this way, you can share the affiliate links to the Social media sites too and can generate sales to earn a commission.

Resource Center – Offers

With this feature, you can make a Coupons website separately, where you can give lots and lots of coupons to your visitors. 

Even Day-to-Day you will get a mail from Cuelinks with the deals, so you can make a separate coupon site to use this feature. 

You can also check some of these Coupon themes like CouponPress to build your site.




Is Cuelinks is Free?

Yes, absolutely. CUELINKS makes this service for FREE.

But when you generate a lead, Cuelinks will take 25% of commission and gives you 75%.

What is the Cuelink Payment Cycle?

It is of NET60 days.

What is the Cuelink Payment Method?

It is about Cheque / Direct Deposit.

Example of a CUELINK Affiliated Posts:

In the below picture left side column shows before installing  Cuelink code on your blog/website. Same as right side column shows after installing cuelink code. Here it automatically converts the term Flipkart, high end android phone as an affiliate links.

example cuewidget

Hope you might have understood about Cuelink – content monetization tool and how to use it on your blog/website. 

If you still not Sign up- Click here to signup cuelinks and start earning. 

Do you have any questions about the topic? Ask it on comment section.

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