How to do Dropshipping From AliExpress

Drop shipping with AliExpress-Complete Guide

Today will see how to do dropshipping from AliExpress. Before that, What is dropshipping?

Drop shipping is simply an online methodology to sell supplier products to the customers buy your own online store.

So it needs no physical inventory and supplier ships directly to the customers.

startup business

Probably it’s a location-based independent business.

Why Dropshipping in AliExpress?

Aliexpress is a Chinese online marketplace where we will get budget products with worldwide shipping. Other than that we can find millions of products available at one place.


Still not visited AliExpress, just visit and see once.

Basic steps involved

1. Sign up with Aliexpress

2. Choose a product to sell

3. Make your own Website either with Shopify, WordPress or own.

4. Drive traffic to your shop

5. Make sales

Pros of dropshipping with AliExpress 

  • We can set our own price

  • No inventory to handle

  • Worldwide available for shipping

  • Verified Suppliers

  • Various brands

ok further in detail why drop shipping with AliExpress is that automated tools, so one can easily fetch niche and go ahead!

Now we will look in step by step process

Step 1: Finding a good niche?

All have some confusion..? what is niche?

I don’t like to use the complementary definition for the niche.
It’s a process of finding a good product.

Example if you are fond of homemade decors, you know very well of its branding, size, designs.So you can easily know your product information. Most people are lazy when picking a niche. Do research and find a niche that it isn’t saturated.

Step 2: Open up an online store

Open up an online store for your products, either it could be own store or it can be on Shopify, a pre-built paid service where you can add the products alone and start selling.

What is Own Store?

If you are going for an own store, you need a domain and web hosting for it. Better go for Bluehost, a very cheap and quality hosting service with a free domain. Or as per your wish.

If it is an own store, you can set up your store with WordPress by woocommerce too.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce tool where every detail is pre-made, so one can easily install and access. It can be used as a drop shipping tool

More cause is that it’s a paid tool where you can use as free for 14-day trial without credit card information.

We have a special app store for Shopify -in that you can find various plugins to make your work easier.

Here it comes oberlo tool .

What is Oberlo?

As told before that dropshipping with AliExpress is an automated process, here oberlo takes part of that work

By installing oberlo in Shopify store, you can easily add products and automate the process from aliexpress by a single click.

What Oberlo does, in this;

1. You import a product (Set up your margin) the AliExpress products you want to sell,
2. A customer buys your product from your Shopify Store,
3. Shopify sends you payment to your PayPal account,
4. Oberlo finds the item on AliExpress instead of you, Fills out the customer details automatically, Buys it from your supplier on AliExpress and then finally
6. The supplier ships it to the seller’s address.

Your work here is with two clicks, one to import product other is to finalize the product.

Step 3: Payment Setup

Coming to your payment setup part, you can go for Paypal -a standard method which is easy


other various payment gateways available, but as a startup, Paypal is more enough

Step 4: Make traffic to your store

If you are a  little internet savvy, you can easily do this process.

First traffic to your store means that -you should make more people visit your store

It can be done by simple methods,

1.Basic SEO

2.Facebook, Instagram like social media

3.Paid Advertisement

As much as to make traffic, your sales also increase gradually. It’s not that much easy in this competitive business to earn soon, but once you give your effort and time, sure it will turn as a handful income.

Step 5: After order placed on your store-Blind Dropshipping

Once you have successfully crossed over above steps by getting an order, then how to ship the product to customer by dropshipping? Is it so?

Yes.once order confirmed then the customer may pay the amount for your order.

You can go straight away to aliexpress dropship supplier and you can place an order.

All should have one doubt that if aliexpress supplier ships a product then invoice of original price will be known to customer. Is it right?

Here it comes blind drop shipping. The drop shipping doesn’t include any brand so the customer doesn’t know it’s original source.

To avoid that once if you place an order with supplier leave a message to the supplier that it is a drop ship product, so don’t send an invoice. Though aliexpress suppliers know very well about it.

Step 6: How dropship products get Shipped?

More all hard works, deliver the product at right time makes the customer happy and come back to store for further.

How has shipment done with aliexpress?

Aliexpress has worldwide shipping with free or low-cost shipment charges with e-packet shipment facility.

What is ePacket?

It is a shipping choice offered by Chinese merchants.
It allows merchant in China and Hong Kong to provide fast and affordable shipping options for light packages.

With this e-Packet shipment method, within 7-20 days needed for shipment from china to other countries like UK, USA, Australia, etc…Most places like Kenya, uganda have no e-packet delivery option.

Make sure with these details before start selling.

Requirments of ePacket :

The maximum length for one package should only be 24’ i.e 60cm.
The total length, height, and thickness should not be more than 36’ i.e.90cm

Although, the package cannot exceed $400 in value and should not weigh more than 2 kg to qualify for the ePacket delivery option.

A survey at August 2017, you can dropship to the following country using ePacket service. The list can be updated any time,better check often.

Hong Kong
Hung Kong
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia

If your target is on any of the above countries using ePacket delivery can help to scale up your business.

This is because all supported countries can receive products within 7 – 10 business days.

Tips For Dropshipping

1: Take advantage of affiliate program of aliexpress

An affiliate program is when a store offers you the option of recommending their products to someone.

2: To be careful and avoid items that on infringe on copyrights

So if you have any queries in setting up a store, kindly comment it below.We will help from our side .

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