Grammarly Review: A Better Writing Assistant Tool in 2020

Grammarly is an AI-based app that helps for proofreading, grammar checker, spell checker for your article. It’s a very useful tool for non-native english speakers.

As a non-native person, whenever we tend to write something in English, we would check whether it is with grammar or not.

If grammar goes wrong, the complete sentence can collapse and you will get a different meaning too sometimes.

To write a business email, blogging, e-book writing, etc.… we should always take care of our grammar part. If we might have done some mistakes, it won’t look professional and we would lose our level of quality in front of the public.

To avoid all those things, I recently came to know about an app/text editor known as Grammarly. It’s associated application that checks your free grammar, proofreading wherever you write on the web like facebook, linkedin, Microsoft word, etc.. It’s additionally one among the best SEO tool, that each blogger’s/Professional utilizes its benefit.

Well, Grammarly checker is an all-rounder on writing, it will suggest you the proper words if you mistyped it. And also it will check for grammar mistakes on your writing with red color bar and suggest you the right word to use, once you have installed the application.

Grammarly also offers the premium version, where you can check the in-depth grammatical errors and plagiarism check (plagiarism check – It finds that any duplicate content on your paragraph)

So, Grammarly is often employed in a subsequent manner:

  1. Grammarly for Browser Extension
  2. Grammarly for Microsoft Office
  3. Grammarly for Windows
  4. Grammarly Keyboard

Still not signup for Grammarly? It’s Completely Free Signup

Grammarly for Browser Extension

Here, will give installation steps of a way to install Grammarly in Chrome

Open Grammarly for Chrome — > Click Here

Click on “Add to Chrome

Once you have added successfully, you can see the Grammarly tool in the top bar of your browser.

After installed, it will ask you for details like email id, profile name, etc. Fill out the details and activate it.

Now you have Signed up, for Grammarly. So, as of now, if you have got mistyped something in browser aspect like WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc.. You’ll be able to see the suggestion list with the red mark like below term.

If you want to check a paragraph you wrote, Just copy and paste in Grammarly Dashboard –> under New Upload

So, it will check for your spelling, grammar, etc.. and auto-suggest you to change like the above picture.

So, it will check for your spelling, grammar, etc.. and auto-suggest you to change like the above picture.

Above method of installation is very simple for Chrome Users.

Grammarly for Other Browser Extension

If you want to use other browser extension – Click Here

Grammarly for Windows & Microsoft Office :

Once the Signup process completes, you will get the dashboard as below:

By the above image, you can see Install options for Microsoft Office & Windows.

Just Click on install and it will ask your login ID & password. Enter the credentials and use it.

It’s too simple!!

If you want to download directly for Windows – Click Here

Grammarly for Mobile Users:

You can use Grammarly in mobile too. Whether it’s an Android or ios model, you can download the mobile app in the App store.

gramamrly keyboard

After downloaded the Grammarly app for appropriate mobile OS, install it and choose the Grammarly keyboard as default option under Language & input settings.From on now, wherever you are using the keyboard in mobile, an auto-suggestion list of mistyped words, grammar, punctuation marks will suggest you correct it.

Grammarly Premium Version:

Grammarly offers you the premium version too. By upgrading from FREE to Premium version you can experience the full features of it.

The premium version will give a deep check of grammars, typo errors, punctuation errors and additional plagiarism checker for the article you wrote.

Plans & Pricing of Grammarly

When you are using it on first time you should try Grammarly for FREE!

Singular clients have the advantage of paying for the arrangement at a specific period of time  for what they utilize it. The more extended the membership, the greater the discounted offer you get it.

In case you’re considering what do you get with Grammarly Premium, it gives point by point data about every one of your punctuation botches in the pop up box.

It likewise gives extra composing experiences and a capacity to set composing objectives. It additionally finds and fixes a bigger number of missteps than the free form.

You can take out a top notch month to month, quarterly or yearly membership and guarantee limits for each kind of membership.

Grammarly can be on Desktop & Mobile usage too, that’s the reason it’s an awesome tool for every individual. You all get an experience with this awesome writing tool and comment us your experience

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