How i got Adsense Approval in 6 Days


However, number of articles about google adsense approval is rolling out on internet, eventhough why i wanted to make an article about Adsense is to share my own experience that how i got approval within 6 Days.

As every blogger’s dream is to monetize their blog/website, Is it so?


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Same way i too have applied for adsense, and got approval within 6 days.So i am gonna share what all the checklist
to be noted before you are applying for the approval process.

Google Adsense approval process is keen strict, but if you follow their
guidelines, it’s not that much hard. It’s Pretty easy.

Note down the below picture which shows my applied date on Adsense Process.

adsense approval

Hurrah!! This is my Approval message from Adsense

Let’s get into the fact,you gonna apply for adsense? Before applying, check these checklist are passed on your blog/website:

Checklist No: 1

Don’t Copy Content:

Google Adsense is very very strict with this rule.So don’t copy your content from internet.Make sure your content is 100 % unique and not plagarized.

If you have plagarized content then your approval will be disqualified with the first check.Make your content in your own style without grammatical mistakes.

Be sure the content what you are giving is unique and rare compared to others.This rule may not impact much,but the safer side to get quick approval.

Checklist No: 2

User Friendly Design:

If you are not well-versed with coding too, not an issue.Use simple dynamic themes with clean functionalities.

As Proverb says ” First Impression is the best impression !!

Be Creative ..

Your navigation and images should be responsive, so that visitors intends to continue on your site.Don’t use mix of too many color combinations which looks very nasty.

Usage of two color combinations looks cool. Show variation colors for hyperlinks. This is not the rule for approval process but it is a standard things to follow for any type of website or blogs.

Checklist No: 3

Use Paid Hosting:

Many bloggers, at start have this doubt whether free host platform like blogger,wordpress can be used for adsense approval or not.

The answer is No. 100 out of 2 % chances are there to get approved with free hosting.

By my own experience, i have applied for adsesne approval with my free blogger account. Still now, no response from adsense team.

If you wanna make your blog monetization, just go for paid hosting.This is better and best choice.

Have you got confused, that which is the best hosting account.You can look out for best Hosting like Hostinger, Godaddy, With Free SSL Plans.

Don’t Forget to buy SSL for your doamain.Now-a-days it is pretty much important for your site.

Checklist No: 4

Make Sure Your Site has these Pages

Google checks your originality of site and you are not a time-passer on blogging platform.The inclusion of  these pages will give a good impression to attain google policies.

Create Pages of

2.Privacy Poicy
3.Contact Us

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About Page should describe about who you are and what you do with this blog.And contact page should contain the contact form and email ID, in the form of visitors
can reach you.If possible,make an email id which looks professional with your domain name as

Coming to Privacy policy page this is pretty important factor,because this one of the requirement for adsense approval criteria.To be noted,it should not be a copied privacy policy from others website.This will also leads to rejection.Plenty of website are there to create a privacy policy generator, accordingly you can use one of them.


Checklist No: 5

Number of Posts

Do you think what will be the minimum number of posts to be updated on your blog beore applying Adsense ?

The answer is not even single.

Because Google has never said that this much posts should be there for their approval process.But on safer side, before applying to adsense,add atleast 10 posts under different category.Indeed, remember that your post should  contain atleast 800 to 1000 words.

Checklist No: 6

Check Your Domain

Furthermore domain is also one of the important aspect for approval.When you are applying make sure that your domain is 6 months old. But i have read articles that even 1 month to one week old site also got adsense approval.

Even you can apply for approval,if you have blog with less than 6 months old.But confirm that you have unique & quality content.

One more factor to be consider on applying for adsense is that, you should apply with your main domain name like .Don’t try to apply on your sub-domains like

Checklist No: 7

Your Content

This is the most important factor of all – content. As everyone probes “Content is the King”


It is true!

So your content should not be a copyrighted one. Google never accepts contnets like

  1. Pronography
  2. Pirated Related
  3. Hacking

If you are not familiar with english contents,think of using google approved languages which you are familiar.

Checklist No: 8

Remove other Monetization

When you are applying for adsense,see to it that other monetization techniques are disabled.
Even adsense allow us to use other earning platform but before you get approval, disable other monetization on your safer side.

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Pro Tip:

  • Try to apply with domain registered email ID for Fast Approval

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