How to make extra income with Amazon Affiliate Program

As everybody is aware of amazon is that the biggest E-commerce platform and conjointly it’s one in all  the third largest information technology company by means of revenue. But the company offering an opportunity to small scale business owners, bloggers, etc.., 

In what way you are thinking right? It’s by Amazon Affilaite Program. So from Amazon how we can make money from affiliate associate and have a lumpsum profit, will see in this article.

As several bloggers, familiar with this word affiliate marketing. So no need of much deep explanations on affiliate marketing . We will have a small intro for new readers of affiliate marketing here.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms ,you should market others products for revenue and you will get a commission for that sale.

Now a days every business type has affiliate program to make a good sale in their market. The only thing what we need for that is a blog or a website with social followers. With that we can start our affiliate marketing and earn a commision from those products we sale.

Amazon affiliate program commission varies from 10% to 0.2% based upon the products you choose.

The picture below shows various categories of advertising rate .It may vary accordingly whenever amazon updates it..

amazon commission rates

Depending on which country side you have traffic, you should target that geo-location and start marketing by providing links or banners,widgets,etc.. Based upon your niche/content you can add banners ,so that people can easily drag to affiliate products.

For example if you have an e-book based blog/niche you can give banners related to e-books to attract customers. So Your sales also may go high!!

Now I will let you explain bit deep of various steps that how to register for affiliate program and what you need to do for joining amazon associate program.

Click on this link Signup for amazon associate program .You will get a page as below

 Amazon Signup-Digitalniyana

Now  just click on the Join Now Button and register yourself with basic profile and payment details.

Make sure the details you have registered is correct and it will ask you a website/blog address for confirmation  .Of course it will check for the traffic that how much you are getting .But don’t worry it’s a small check ,even with low visitor count you will get approved.

After setting up your profile it will ask for payment  details of bank account and for verification of payment method, amazon will send you a small amount of money to your account and you need to enter the exact credited amount in amazon associate program page for confirmation of payment details.

Once the registration part completed, Amazon will give access to their Associates platform of affiliate program, in that you can able to get the affiliate link for each products.

 amazon dashboard

Your part of registration & verification process has been completed. So now your work is to share the product links/banners to your site.

If you go for dashboard of affiliate program which you have registered , you will have a various menu with link generator and widgets.

Based upon your choice you can choose the affiliate link of the product and paste the code  on your site. If it is a wordpress site, it will be more easy for you to add the products with amazon affiliate PLUGINS.

Check out the below image of dashboard, here you can choose your product links or banners as of various sizes and paste it on your blog/site for further good reach.

amazon - banner

Or else you can try out your own search terms as an amazon affiliate link by Dashboard–> Product Linking –> Link to any page

Even more you can make your favourite product listing page as an e-shop and can make linking to affiliate search page/product.

amazon-product link

So try any of these ‘n’ number of methods to convert your visitors to purchaser of the product.

Note down carefully that, you do have an idea or goal in content, that visitors to purchase the products. Avoid doing fake reviews of the product too.

Ooh!! in the end, you have to share your page to the targeted customers on social media and acquire  a traffic to the site. If more people reaches your site more chance of earning a lump sum of commission from affiliate links is possible.

check that you are choosing  a right product for your affiliate promotion.

And remember that choosing your products should be above $100 ,so you will earn a higher rate of commission. Always opt for an higher range of products, so your earnings will also be higher.

Top Tips To Concentrate on Amazon Affiliate:

  1. Generate a High Traffic

  2. Choosing a Genuine Products

  3. Plan Your Niche accordingly

  4. Based up on the customer review choose the product

  5. Relevant Products to your Niche

  6. Place banners in correct place

  7. Make sure to add BUY Now button

  8. Images linking to Amazon

  9. Sharing is caring

  10. Email Marketing of Affiliate products

  11. Selection of Branded Items

  12. Write review about a product

  13. Make Use Of Holidays/Festivals

  14. Paid Promotion With Affiliate Links

  15. Native Ads

Some of the amazon’s festive offers can bring your niche content healthy. So you should have a proper update on time to time deals.

If You want to know, How to Start A Blog – Click Here

Making your site with some non-related niche will affect your traffic, so study on affiliate associate program carefully for different ideas to post your link ,and follow up .

Flexibility of your quality content will lead you to reach a quality customer .

Amazon Associates may be a solid possibility for any business or publisher that wishes another outlet for proof. Get to grasp that, and utilize it on the right suited website.

It’s terribly tiny amount compared to the merchandise sales that we have a tendency to do, however who doesn’t need an additional $400-$800 each month!? That’s little cash or fun money, Amazon is one among the best ways in which you can start to legalize your blog!

So currently you have got a thought regarding the way to register and what must you follow for promoting to earn from amazon associate program.

And even additional, any queries concerning of a way to signup for amazon affiliate program or a way to follow every steps with product link… kindly comment below. I shall glad to reply you and take you in this journey with me.

Have you started a blog and worrying that how to earn money from it? Comment Below

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