How to take full page screenshot / screen capture in Windows & MAC without any Extension?

Probably everyone sometimes searches for any software or extension to take screenshot feature, so here comes an extra-ordinary hidden trick of taking screenshot without any softwares or extensions, as it takes
little to huge space.

Using built-in developer tool of chrome,you can actualize this.Will try out the command menu, as it is more easy to access.

Capture the screengrab of fullpage using Chrome's Developer Tool:

Most importantly,check whether you are using a latest version of google chrome.If it not so, just go to chrome’s main menu which is on the top right corner (three dots), under that choose the option of
Help–> About Google Chrome


Just go to URL area and type chrome://help.

By doing this, it will force for an update.Once it got updated to latest version Click on Relaunch.

Now, go to the page which you want to take screen capture,right click on your mouse and and select inspect option.
It will open a chrome’s Developer Tools option.

Just Press Cntrl+shift+p on windows/Linux and cmd+shift+p on MAC ,it will open a Command menu

Type as > Screenshot and it will dispaly various options of Capture Screenshot,Capture Full Size Screenshot, etc.. From that select the option Capture Full Size Screenshot.

That’s it. Your screenshot will automatically get downloaded.

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