Start your Own Web Hosting Business Through Milesweb

Are you tired of your regular web development job?

Don’t you dream to have your own business?

A daily job can lead to boredom, and you may think that you shall be doing something more with your skills.

How about earning extra bucks by enhancing your skills?

Sounds great, isn’t it?

But the thing is what can you do to earn more than your regular monthly salary?

And the answer is, start your own web hosting business.

Yes, you can start your own hosting business without any infrastructure or raw-material cost.

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If you are a freelance web developer, then the things are very easy for you, as you already have a customer base. And if you are a developer working in an organization, still you have the basic skills required for hosting business. Being already in the IT field don’t consume more time in understanding the terms and services served in the web hosting business. Thus, starting a web hosting business is the best option for you. Due to digitalization this field has more demand and you can earn more from it.

How to buy your web hosting plan?

  1. Choose any plan from MilesWeb reseller hosting.
  2. Click on Buy Now.
  3. Fill in your details like name, last name, email address, phone number ,etc.
  4. Place the order.

That’s it!
You don’t need to invest anything while starting your own web hosting business.

Here we have chosen MilesWeb as it provides a wide range of hosting features over others and at affordable prices.

How to start your web hosting business - hostinginindia?

Once you have purchased a reseller hosting plan, the next step comes is getting started with your business.

  1. Buy reseller hosting plan.
  2. Form your customer base.
  3. Categorize your plans according to the features offered with the price associated with them.
  4. Start providing hosting service.
  5. Make a profit.

While configuring your hosting plans you are allowed to design plans with the features you want to offer and the price can be assigned as per your wish.

Hosting features incorporated with MilesWeb plans are

Unlimited domain hosting :

You are allowed to register and host unlimited domains hostinginindia under a single Linux Reseller hosting  account.

SSD disk space :

For the faster performance of your website, SSD disk storage is provided.

Free unlimited SSL certificate :

Free SSL certificate is offered to not only you but to all the accounts hosted under your hosting account.

Softaculous :

Softaculous allows installing more than 400 applications in just a click.

 Unlimited MySQL databases :

There is no limit on the databases created by you and your customers under a single account.

Unlimited Email accounts :

Your customers can create various email accounts to manage their online business.

Perks Of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting :

1) 100% White label :

100% White label means, when you sell hosting services to your customers, you can sell them under your brand name and no where MilesWeb can display their name. This makes your customers believe that you are the only owner of your business and no third party is involved in it. This means your customers will belong to you only and MilesWeb cannot interrupt in between.

2) Customer support :

MilesWeb takes the responsibility of providing customer support to your customers on your behalf. That means, while providing support to your customers, experts won’t mention that they are from MilesWeb. Your biggest burden is handled by your parent company. Customer support service is provided for 24/7/365 days.

3) Data center choice :

There is no burden on you to choose a particular datacenter. You get an option to select datacenter location from India, UK, USA, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Netherlands of your choice during the sign-up process.

4) Malware Scan and Protection :

An expert team from MilesWeb keeps a continuous check on the server. This keeps malware away from your site and still if found any than the expert will fix it immediately.

5) Free Migration :

Migrating to MilesWeb is very easy. Just contact them and they take the responsibility of migrating your website from another server to MilesWeb server without the loss of data.

The migration will be carried out as per your time preference.

6) Free domain reseller account :

You can take one more step by becoming a domain reseller. Yes, along with hosting service, you can sell domains also. MilesWeb has more than 1000 domain extensions available and you can sell them to your customers.

7) Free website builder :

Website builder is an easy to use drag and drop tool. You will get an option to select a theme from a wide range of themes, and then drag and drop the content into the theme as per your wish.

You can create a personal blog website or business website using website builder tool.

Feature rich Windows reseller hosting plans at affordable cost make MilesWeb favorite among their customers.

Conclusion :

24/7 support, 30 days money back guarantee, 99.95% Uptime and 100% white label makes MilesWeb exceptional choice for the reseller web hosting business. You don’t need to invest prior to starting your web hosting business, just make your strong customer base and get started.

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