The 3 best ways to delete all your gmail email in bulk at once

Gmail began its voyage in 2004 by offering 1GB capacity to its clients. It was multiplied to 2GB in 2005 and today it has developed to 15GB. Nonetheless, clients still need to battle with overseeing space in their Gmail box. Reason? The undesirable email and spam messages that go to our post box.


One negative behavior pattern I have is letting my Gmail inbox get too huge. I am not the person of deleting emails often. Mostly 70% of people are like me, thinks that we need the older email for any emergency reference.  In the end, our inbox will be of 1000+ or sometimes 2000+ email adding on daily. There are numerous approaches to erase Gmail based upon   dates, search criteria , etc.


Presently, erasing in excess of 50 messages on the double looks difficult. It is on the grounds that Gmail shows just 50 messages on one page and you can choose not more than that. So imagine a scenario in which you have a large number of new messages that you know are insignificant and spam. How would you erase them?


So try out these scenarios,

To Delete All Unread Email

  • Type as “ is:unread “ in the search bar of your Gmail.
  • This will display all unread emails from your inbox
  •  Then select all. You will notice that only 50 emails have been selected by Gmail for the deletion.
  • According to your need, Click on select all the  mail that match this search criteria.
  • Then click on Trash or delete button. So that, all your unread email will be deleted from your inbox.

Note: Once You delete all your email, it will move onto Trash Folder and remains upto  30 days , and it will automatically deletes after that.

To delete large files

  • In the Gmail search box , type as “ Size:25M”  (if you need to delete files of 25M)
  • It will displays all 25M file. Select all the files and delete or you can back up your important files and then delete them.

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To Delete Monthly or Yearly Wise

If you need to delete mails older than 1 year, 2 year or by monthly wise of 1 month, 2 month , etc..  follow as below command

Type “ older_than:2y

The above command displays all mails older than 2 years. If you want to delete more than 3 years you can modify as 3y instead of 2y. And if you want to delete mails older than 6 months you can type as “ older_than:6m

All your email list according to your selection will be displayed here, including sent mails and in other folders. From  here you can delete it accordingly.

So, now the process becomes very simple to delete gmail email from your inbox.

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