The 7 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

Is it true that you are looking for essential SEO tips for your new blog? This post gives the fundamental thought of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

When you are a novice in the SEO business, you should initially comprehend that no enchantment is engaged with the way toward improving the positioning and making your site to go to the top  page of Google.

There are a few rules that are required to be pursued so the significant sign are given to the bots. This will prompt legitimate indexing and crawling of your site. Here are some fundamental SEO tips that you can apply to your website or blog.

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SEO Tip 1 : Title And Description Of Page

The titles and the description of the page are significant parts of SEO. These shows up in web index as an ad in the web index result page (SERP).

Pro Tip:

If you are using a wordprerss site, you can use Yoast SEO plugin for Optimization. So that you don’t want to touch your coding part every time.

SEO Tip 2 : Page Titles

The page title ought to be interesting, elucidating and brief in nature. It should help the audience in understanding the entire article by the title of your page.

Landing page: The title on the landing page may incorporate the name of your business or site. It can likewise have the physical area of the business and the primary subjects or contributions.

Other Page: Title in different pages ought to portray the page and ought to be alluring to the crowd.

SEO Tip 3 : Page Description

The meta tag or the description is similarly significant as the title. On the off chance that you are managing the items on various pages, the description part in each page ought to be not the same as the other.

 The size of the description ought to stay between 150 to 160 characters. Never utilize an enormous number of keywords inside the description part. This ought to be utilized such that it promotes on your page solidly.

SEO Tip 4 : Internal Links

The internal links inside the page, which coordinates to different pages of the site are known as the inner linking. You can utilize the title of the post or the hyper link content keyword for connecting the comparative articles of your site. These type of internal linking is not only for search engines,it might help the audience to navigate easily and make engaging in the site.

Pro Tip:

Don’t use the word “Click Here” for internal linking of the page.

In a page only 4 to 5 internal linking is adequate. Overcompensating the internal link may affect your site .

SEO Tip 5 : Image Optimization

For enhancing the user experience, the image optimization can be done. But during the process, the page loading time should moreover be considered. The image optimization should not stupefy the page loading time negatively with the slow response. The keywords can be used in the alt tags. But, make sure that you are not overdoing it. The image size should be optimized to a smaller one, without decreasing the quality with the help of the self-ruling online tool.

There are numerous facts that add to appearing great in web crawler rankings, one of the most significant of them is on-page optimization. On-page Optimization is the mainstay of your SEO and one of the significant On-page technique  is image optimization.

Pro Tip:

‘Image is superior to a thousand of words’. So make your image optimized by reducing the size of the image by means of many online tools available.

SEO Tip 6 : Perma Link Structures

Permalink in the sense, the URL  of your particular post or page. This link structures should also be optimized for better search engine results. Be sure that the URLs of your website are simple, convenient and  easy for understanding for both the users and the bots. Too long and characters in the URL should be avoided.

Pro Tip:

Example of good Perma Link URL:

Example of bad Perma Link URL :

SEO Tip 7 : 404 Page

All your Website should contain a common page by default is 404 – Page not found. Yes. This means, the requested URL is not found on the server or removed. And one main thing , include some navigation links  in the 404-page, where user can easily navigate to other page if the specified page could not be found.

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