The Ultimate Guide for right content ideas for your blog in 10 minutes

What can I write about???!!!

Every blogger will obviously spend much time on topic for their blog. Because that is the main part of blogging to attract readers.

But You have a question that, “What we can write for today’s post? or How will i get topics constantly?” or you may think “What would happen if I run out of content?” “I need more ideas to begin a blog”.

What you really fear is taking action.

I’m saying this because it’s something I’ve or I’m experiencing, so it is more like an advice to myself and others in my position.

Like me, you probably already know how to get topic ideas but you are just too lazy, busy, or scared to do it.

You worry yourself with things like “what if people don’t like what I write?” or you may think what would happen if i couldn’t able to survey in this? etc..

I’ll say, forget that and just get to writing. Later, you can think about those other problems. Solve one at a time.

Cutting to the chase, the answers I’ve seen around already contain brilliant ways you can get ideas for your blog. I’ll just add in a few.

#1 Tap Blog Ideas From Your Influencers or Competitors

I’ll assume you already have a niche for your blog and you know the top guns in your industry.

Let’s say you are in the Digital Marketing niche, you have lots of influencers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and of course Google. Yes. Google.

So, if any of them release results of a survey or an infographic, you can get a blog topic from the result itself or even multiple topics from items in the survey. Other ways to tap from your influencers is through their quotes, tweets etc.

Of course, you’ll have to add your own thoughts and research to make it unique and engaging. If you’re that good, the influencer might share your blog post and get you more traffic.

#2 Check Your Comments Section

If you have a lot of activity going on in your blog, there’s a high chance you’ll have ideas flying around for a new blog post.

You might even have a reader suggest a topic. And trust me, when you answer such request, it brings more loyalty among your audience.

But I’m guessing you won’t be asking this question if you had lots of comments on your blog posts. Nonetheless, if you do and you aren’t tapping into them yet, start now.

Read About:

#3 Take Notes

Get yourself a pen and book to jot down ideas as you get them. Believe it or not, ideas come and go in a second because you think they aren’t relevant.

If you write them down and go to them later, you’ll see them in a new light and discover they are in fact golden. These are usually ideas that are unique to you.

The best bloggers don’t have a weightlifting session for their minds. All you have to do is think, jot down those minuscule ideas, then do your research to write them into a blog post.

It doesn’t matter if you think it’s crappy, just write them.

Rinse and repeat.

You don’t even need to consciously think at time to get ideas. It might just hit you out of the blue. That’s why you need to have your pen and note close by.

If that’s too old-fashioned for you, use the Notepad on your phone instead.

So I’ll stop here now. You probably know the rest. Follow news on your niche. Subscribe to forums in your niche like reddit and constantly check out what they are saying. Listen to conversations about your niche in public and many more.

You can literally get blog ideas anywhere, anytime. In the bathroom, while sitting in a park, playing basketball, you name it.

Next Step to move on and note it down. Don’t forget make a note on everything when you get some ideas?

That’s it. Take action! Keep Going..

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