Top 5 Tips for Digital Marketing Strategy

Need to grow  your business, but have no idea about digital marketing? If so, check out these top 5  ideas and strategies below !

In 20th centuary, great usage of  Internet and the constant advances in technology, digital marketing is one of the best methods that can help business  growth. It can help you get more customers and build your reputation, thus you can expand your business and make more profit.

Whatever type of business you are doing also, a well marketing strategy should be needed, here comes digital marketing tactis for your business . 

Whether your business is large or small, you need an advertisement for your product or service. So that you can build a large online community .

Here are top 5 essential digital marketing tips for business owners.

Get ready with your Website

Your website makes you to reach worldwide customers. While choosing URL too , make sure that your URL contains specific Keyword. Clearly mention your contact details and social share icons in your site. Your website should be mobile responsive and user friendly . “Content is the King” so make sure your website or blog filled up with quality content and  Keywords

Even if you are not strong in writing, you should get somebody on your team to crank out some articles for your blog. So the best content marketing makes you to get more traffic for your website/blog.

Implement Keywords in your Website either manually or by plugins.

Once your site is ready, next thing you  need to think about SEO for that site.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization , where it will help you to rank top in the google search engine when customers are searching for a specific Keyword.

Other than that, you also need to participate in off-page SEO activities such as quality link building, bookmarking… 

Another very important SEO strategy is using of keywords that are relevant to your business. You can use the Google AdWords tool for finding the right  keywords , and it is important to know that you need to use them in your titles and meta-tags.

You can also use Google Analytics tool to target customers, as how many customers visiting your site and from where and when , so that you can have a knowledge about customers need.

Share Posts, product photos on social media group

Now-a-days everyone are engaged with social media , and 24 hours actively using facebook, twitter, linkedin… But due to increasing social media presence you should be very careful and unique , so that your words will reach positively. 

If wrong usage of social media may occur spam of your business goal. Everyday activities on social media can get engaged with your customers regularly. So post an image or information about your site/product that will make your brand/site to reach popular on online medium. By a single click, you can reach globally with millions of peoples. 

Make sure that you are actively responding for comments, so that all knows that you are active. Gain more organic followers for your page you maintain in social medium.

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Should focus on local market

If you concentrate on local markets, then it’s a good idea to do some geo targeting or location  based marketing. SME Websites are trying to implement Location based marketing now-a-days. List your business of local directories and online listings. 

Either you can target online directories in specific countries where you are covering. Set up a listing for your business on Google My Business so that you show up on SERPs, when you have searched for local. Try to  participate in the local discussions forums or directories that help you get discovered more easily.

Concentrate on Email Marketing

For any business communication everyone uses Email. So next step we should target on email marketing. Collect your customers Email database and send an bulk mail about your products, features. So that they can update on your products frequently. And this is one of the method to drive traffic too.More than a content, image speaks very well

So concentrate on designing your product posters while sending email. Don’t send long paragraphs that no one like to read . 

Strong and Crisp Heading will attract to read your mail .

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