What is Keywords? Usage of keywords in Digital Marketing


Even many people doesn’t know what is keywords? but they might be using it daily in their online researches.


In simpler terms, what you are searching in your web browser is a keyword.

Further terms, keywords connects users with proper audience/sites in the search engine optimization(SEO).

One of the most well-known computerized advertising objectives these days is to quantifiably increment online advertisement. Regardless of whether your clients purchase on your site or at your physical store, a solid web presence enables shoppers to discover, find out about and at last buy from you.

So for all these, you will create your website and you will publish images, content for your products which you are going to promote.


Initially once you publish your website ,your site will not rank in google. That means, when you surf internet your website will not show up directly for your users.
For example,
If your business relates to clothing, you wanted to create a website and you will list your clothes under each category wise like jeans, t-shirts, shirts, etc. and you explain about your category .
Here, you will use the content and the words you are specifying like jeans, jeans with pocket, slim fit jeans  etc.. are your keywords.

Because when users search for slim fit jeans on their web browser, your website will be displayed on the search engine.(many other factors includes to rank on search engine)

Suppose if you didn’t mention the word slim fit jeans but you are displaying or trying to sell slim fit jeans, then it is totally useless.

Ranking factor not only depends on keywords, but it deals with many other algorithmic factors which will discuss about that detail in different topic.

Keywords placement on your page also plays major role in ranking factors.

Benefits of Keywords

The utilization of keywords significantly affects natural page rank in web crawlers. 75% of web clients never at any point look past the main page of query items.

I’m not catching that’s meaning for you? It implies you need to be on that first page! Using keyword research is basic in procuring and keeping up your crowd’s consideration.

Using right keyword trick at right place boost your sales or promotes your site in SEO factor.

Main benefit is that, it connects with targeted user and convert their visit to your site to a sale.

Many tools available on internet for keyword research like SEMRush, ahref, etc.. to boost your sales.

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